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Attempts Tuesday evening to reach Toski at his home in Boca Raton, Fla., were unsuccessful.
Toski, 59, was born in Haydenville, Mass., on Sept. 18, 1926. He turned pro in 1945 and joined the PGA Tour in 1948. He became a member of the Seniors Tour in 1981.
Competing in 13 seniors events in 1985, he won $49,427. His career earnings on both the Seniors and the PGA tours amount to $219,830.
Two national golf magazines, Golf Magazine and Golf Digest, had been investigating the alleged rule violations, which reportedly involved Toski moving his ball sideways on the green to avoid having to putt over spike marks left by fellow players.
The PGA, which released the prepared statement on Dec. 31 in response to queries from the two magazines, declined to provide further information Tuesday.
"Bob Toski's statement speaks for itself," Commissioner Deane Beman said on Dec. 31. "I am satisfied with his explanation and the action he has taken."
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