Artistic Memory Boxes

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Beach Dog Photo


The Artistic Memory Boxes are both a client and personal studio favorite...
I wanted to present a uniquely creative top of the line way to display your portraits.

Each box comes with a custom designed photo cover that is wrapped around the image box. You have a choice of a 5x7 or 10x10 custom box. Each one is custom designed and holds 23 portraits mounted on styrene for maximum durability. You will also have the choice of a luxury fine art finish. Each Memory Box is completed with an inside portrait panel and a latch to close your box.

Artistic image boxes are a personal and upscale way to display your portraits. A small easel is included with all Artistic Memory Boxes.

They truly are a unique and personal work of art...

Surprise your someone special with a gift registry or gift card for an Artistic memory box.  A gift that will be loved and cherished for a life time.